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The stunt register is NO LONGER linked with Equity!!!


We have been approached by quite a few Stunt Register trainees that know us, and strangely some that don't, after the recent news that the stunt register and Equity are no longer linked!


   Here is part of why we are independent, which is based on my personal experience. The register WAS and IS NOT a guarantee of skill level OR quality. We have worked with register guys, taken jobs from register guys on many occasions because we were the better candidate, and have been given work by register guys that they couldn't do because of politics or double booked. We have also been instructors to register guys on martial arts and various weapons skills.


     Don't get me wrong, there are many amazing people on the register. Every industry has its problems. In my opinion the system was badly flawed, an old boys network, with too much corruption, and not enough care for the work or people within it. After spending over £15,000 on skills they requested, I realised how many on the register bought their skills certificates. I have even been asked to sell black belts. In a job where you are not allowed to rush their quals in less than a year and they can change them every year, and remove ones you have spent a lot of time and money on. Then after that, how many keep those skills up and how many of those skills are you really going to use when you specialise in the areas you know you really want to progress and do extremely well in.


    I know some amazingly talented guys that are/were on the register that don't get work because of politics, or their lack of participating in them, which is an incredible shame.

I'm really hoping to see a fairer system with an even playing field, that is based on real stunt skills, experience, safety and cohesion. Where people that love the industry, have great skills, are hot on safety and passionate to create something amazing in all they do, can thrive. BIN the egos and politics, both create an atmosphere of mistrust and lack of safety. Look at the US and Australian ways of doing it. Much fairer. If you are talented, you get work, get mentors and get training relevant to the job. At least from the outside, and chatting to guys in other countries, it looks much fairer. Fingers crossed.


Stay safe and work hard, let passion be your fuel, not money and politics