Stunt & Fight Choreography, and full Stunt/Fight Crew,


We can provide a large pool of highly skilled performers, including stunt/fight specialists from all eras, stunt drivers, wire/rigging, fire & safety, tactical Police, Military, Close protection and firearms trained. HSE and Risk Assessment qualified and insured.


Why choose independant stunt performers?

We train to extremely high standards, for example we have 15th dan, Dai Shihan, master martial arts teacher, sword specialists, various martial arts styles, Medieval specialists, Military and Police specialists, gymnasts, professional riggers, real firearms / tactics and vehicle stunt specialists. Which as subject matter experts places us perfectly to give you a fantastic service. As such we work regularly with and have taught register stunt members as well as have the freedom of being Independent.


 Did you know, there is no legal requirement to use stunt register performers and that being a member does not ensure quality and safety? In fact, the register is NO LONGER linked to Equity, so in essence are independant too now. In fact we have been and are still being used by huge companies including Sony TV, M4M , National advertising campaigns and many films.


 The other great reason to use independants is that we can save you a huge amount of your budget, and have a vast amount of our own equipment reducing the cost of hire fees from multiple sources.


 We can provide stunt performers, safety, prep and riggers for all budgets and requirements, including Equity or Independant productions. Stunt Experts to suit your needs and budget




As well as having stage combat training. Our group is filled with very highly skilled martial artists and combat specialists from the security and military forces.

Our highest grade martial artist is a 5th level 10th dan (15th Dan, Dai Shihan) Master teacher of the arts of the Ninja and Samurai, trained and licensed in Japan . The art also includes numerous weapons ancient and modern. We also have high grade martial artists from other styles, police, military and close protection specialists including firearms tutors and range officers.

 We can also offer actor training in hand to hand and all weaponry, in various styles, to get your performer ready to roll on the day of filming.


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Fights, Falls


Wire work


Vehicle Stunts

Full range of Explosive action for your production


After many burn stunts and using various products, We have developed our own Stunt Burn Gel. Developed for clothed burns, but tested on naked burns to show its effectiveness.

Our gel is now being taught and used by stunt performers outside our team now, so for a course in its use and to purchase, message or call for details.