Blade of the Assassin- Stunt/fight co-ordinator & Producer    

                                                          Shepherd - Stunt co-ordinator/stunt driver

                                                      Turn the other way and Run- Stunt co-ordinator

                                                                  Amulet- Stunt Co-ordinator

                                                              Ford "Smuggler" advert- Stunt Driver

                                                                     Deus- Stunt co-ordinator

                                                                Aadat Diaries- Stunt co-ordinator

                                                                   Badnaam - Stunt co-ordinator

                                                          Ye Re Ye Re Paisa 2- Stunt co-ordinator

                                                                   Off Grid- Stunt/fight co-ordinator

 Honkey Tonk- Stunt/fight co-ordinator

Bite- Stunt co-ordinator  

I Love My Mum - Stunt co-ordinator

Gamejunkies - The Fruit Ninja Stunt Co-ordinator ( Live blade display)

Black Site - Stunt / Fight choreographer

Hooligan Escape - Stunt co-ordinator

The Souvenir - Stunt Co-ordinator

VS - Fight/stunt

Highland Spring Advert - Stunt double/ Stunt co-ordinator

Cobra 2017 (Bollywood) - Stunt co-ordinator, stunt driver/performer

M4M Brand Promo for Sony 2017 - Stunt choreographer, Stunt driver/rider

Kolaiyuthir Kaalam ( Killing Field ) - Stunts

Damned Nation- Stunt Co-ordinator & main actor as Major John

Postcards from London -  Stunt Co-ordinator

Cannibals and Carpet Fitters - Stunt co-ordinator

End of Term - Stunt co-ordinator/stunt performer

Redcon 1 - Assistant Stunt co-ordinator/stunt performer

Knights of the Damned- Action co-ordinator              

An American Exorcism - Fight/Stunt co-ordinator and performer

Fanny Lye Deliver'd -  Fight/stunt co-ordinator

Viking Legacy- Stunt co-ordinator

Sony Olympic Westerns 2016 - Fight/stunt co-ordinator and performer    

Sony Olympic Warriors 2016- Fight/stunt co-ordinator and performer

Sony Westerns promo 2016- Stunt co-ordinator/performer

Sony M4M Euro Warrior 2016- Stunt co-ordinator/performer

Suicide Platoon- Actor playing Jock

Suicide Platoon-Stunt/Fight Choreographer/ Action director

Sony M4M Steven Seagal season- Choreographer and Seagal double

Sony M4M Shadows promo - Armourer / Stunt Co-ordinator & Soldier

Sony Action Promo - Stunt co-ordinator, performer/ Car stunts

Sony Ghosthunters Promo - Tech ghostbuster, stunt co-ordinator

Sony Warriors and Rugby promo - Stunt co-ordinator / Stunt performer

Sony M4M Cowboys promo - Stunt co-ordinator/ Cowboy

Both Sony Warriors season 2015 promos - Stunt co-ordinator / stunt performer

Zombie Apocalypse - Stunt performer

Monochrome - Stunt Choreographer

Native - Stunt Choreographer

APOCALYPSE - Stunt Choreographer/stunt driver & Armourer

Sony Action Mondays promo - Stunts/Armoury/Actor

Versus - Stunt Choreographer                    

Cute Little Buggers - Stunt co-ordinator & Performer

He Who Dares - Stunt driver

Crying Wolf - Stunt/Fight Choreographer

Devolution - Stunt/Fight Choreographer

Seconds From Disaster, Deepwater Horizon - Actor Playing "New Meat"

Blood & Bone China - Actor & Fight Choreographer

Cleanskin - Stunts                      

The Amateurs ,Music Video - Fight Choreographer & Actor (Mr Blunt)  

House Full, Bollywood Feature - Stunts                      

Prince of Persia - Stunts    

Dick Turpin - Fight Choreographer & Actor-Cpt Ainsworth

Money Kills - Fight choreographer & actor (Tippi the Psycho)                    

King Arthur - Fight Actor , Saxon Warrior in Ice Battle