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Stunt & Fight Crew- Choreography/ Training/ Rehearsal

Book anything from 1 hour to a full day, or block of sessions in our dedicated stunt and fight training facility. Whether its personal development training, specific type of training for a character, weapons training, choreography and rehearsal, or putting together and filming an action showreel, or join us on a full weekend of action/fight training with our ALL ACTION ACADEMY, give us a call to book or discuss your requirements


Training ethos

We believe in the importance of CPD ( continuous professional development)

To upkeep our valuable core skills and prevent skillfade.

How many people on set say they have a skill, but actually, in reality, "learned" that skill in a weekend, if you can learn anything substantial in a weekend or two, or worse, they did it years ago and never kept it up.

With most real skills in life, If you want to be good at it, you keep practicing and growing. If you want to play a musical instrument, how good would you be if you did it for a short time then never again, or did it 3 weekends a year? Same with martial arts, how good would you be? Answer is, not good at all. So why is what we do any different?

In fact, in a world of safety, surrounded by potential danger, it's MORE important to learn well and do regular upkeep of those skills and even grow a larger skillbase as you go.

If you want to join our open core skills days which are held every month, get in touch to book your place. They are predominantly held on Saturdays, but we are getting more requests to do weekday ones, so if that is of interest, put your name on our contact list for weekday training.

Upcoming training dates -

We put regular updates on Instagram and Facebook.  This is so that any last minute changes due to 

filming commitments or short notice courses can be constantly updated. So the dates here are subject to change but are correct when uploaded. So always contact to book your place to ensure there is a space for you. 


Specialist courses are often announced at the beginning of the month here or on our instagram page.  

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