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Are You Ready?

 Since entering the stunt business 20 years ago, we have been committed to understanding and managing the risk factors of our performances. Safety and preparedness are our top priorities, and a big reason that we have been able to work with some of the industry’s top talent. Continue browsing to find examples of our work and get in touch for more information.

We can provide a large pool of highly skilled performers, including fight & weapons specialists, stunt drivers, wire/rigging, fire & safety, tactical Police, Military, Close protection and firearms trained.

HSE and Risk Assessment qualified and insured.

We train to extremely high standards and are able to provide stunt performers, safety, prep and riggers for all budgets and requirements. Stunt Experts to suit your needs and budget


As well as having screen combat training. Our group is filled with very highly skilled martial artists and combat specialists from the security industry and military forces.

Our highest grade martial artist is a Dai Shihan, Master teacher of the arts of the Ninja and Samurai, trained and licensed in Japan . The art also includes numerous weapons ancient and modern. We also have high grade martial artists from other styles, police, military and close protection specialists including firearms tutors and range officers.

 We can also offer actor training in hand to hand and all weaponry, in various styles, to get your performer ready to roll on the day of filming.


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