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I’m Mark Johnston, founder of Movieworks International, and I’ve been passionate about the world of stunts and daredevils since I was young. There’s nothing boring about a career in this field, and although being a professional Stunt & fight Choreographer is challenging and rigorous, it’s also extremely exciting and rewarding.


Over the years, I’ve had the chance to work on many different projects and productions, with each new experience making me better at what I do. Once the team was set up and our training in place, it has enabled us to be a one stop for stunts and fights. 

I have worked in the industry for almost 20 years. Have 30 years background in real combat & martial arts, armed or unarmed, historical to modern, 

Master teacher in Ninja & Samurai martial arts, registered in Japan as a Dai Shihan, the highest awards in the Bujinkan system.

I have a prior background as a security operative and taught Close protection/Bodyguarding in the Industry.

Instructed self defence to Police, Military and Royal/Diplomatic protection.

Trained & licenced Firearms certificate holder(Sec 1), including tactical drills.

Trained in many aspects of stunts,

Fight, falls, Tactical and stunt driving, Wirework, Fire,

Martial arts and a wide range of ancient, modern and improvised weaponry


HSE level 3, Risk assessment level 2, working at heights, and IPAF cherry picker & scissor lift licensed, fire safety qualified. Instructor of Ninjutsu, Samurai Ju-jutsu, Kenjutsu (katana, shoto, daisho, tachi, nagamaki), Bo Jutsu (6ft staff), Jo-jutsu(4ft staff), Hanbo-jutsu (3ft staff), Shikomi-zue(sword cane), Hojo-jutsu (rope weapons), Kusari fundo (chain weapon), Tanto jutsu (knife), Tessen/yawara (fan/rod), Shuriken jutsu (shaken, and bo), metsubishi, hidden/improvised weapons, firearms disarm/retention, firearms instructor, bodyguard instructor.


So why movies and TV?

I have a huge passion for Film & TV, especially stunt and action driven productions.

Due to my wealth of real life action skills, I felt that my experiences left me very well placed to add a realistic dimension to film.

After teaching martial arts to stunt performers and training in the 6 skills I trained in to join the official register.

I decided  go Independent.

I have seen too many "Stage combatants" with no real fight experience, and are fine with classical aspects, and too many "martial artists" that think you just hit each other with no thought of possible injury to actors, or even minor injury causing continuity issues as well as camera angle problems etc. I feel you need to know both ends of the spectrum and all in between, and even more for the perfect fight.


Where are we now?

We have a trusted team of extremely talented, performers, skilled in multiple disciplines and safety, and trained further by us using our targeted stunt training syllabus. That share our passion and drive. We have an extensive range of equipment, and stunt weaponry and are ready to help make your action scenes awesome.

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