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Welcome to our Movieworks International - ALL ACTION stunt school page.

 Alongside our huge amount of film and TV productions and training our team. Over the last 10 years, we have provided training days specific to production preparations, day and weekend courses for stunt trainees to experienced stunties that want to understand more about the craft of action in film and TV. 

Who are these courses aimed at?

Everyone that is involved in the safety and stunt action aspects on set. Our training is aimed at beginner to experienced stunt performers in the Film/TV industry. 

Our Training-

We believe that intensive courses are ok for short term and quick skills but those skills easily fade. So prefer to use intensives for specific topics once a set of basics have been achieved and maintained.

Our system means regular, targeted training in all the important aspects of stunts and fights that will give you a great skillset with a grounding in safety. This regular training increases correct muscle memory so that these body and safety skills are second nature.

With the world of stunts opening up over the last 5-10 years. We get more and more people wanting a fuller stunt training experience or only a part that they want more training in. Our only full training is constant training. Like anything you want to be good at. If you did it for a week/month/year and done nothing since, you risk skillfade.  Consistency is key. So we believe in continual professional development courses that include basics to advanced in FIGHTS, FALLS, REACTIONS, FIRE, WIRE and VEHICLES 

Specialist stunt courses include- 

  • 1 day wirework introduction

  • 2 day wire beginner intensive

  • 1 day intro to fire burns

  • 1 day intermediate fire burn ( after completing 1 day intro course )

  • Precision, trick and stunt driving 

  • 1 day intro to more advance falls

  • 1 day intro to airbag entry level falls

  • 1 day airbag/boxrig skills ( after completing 1 day intro day )

Weapons courses include-

  • European sword, dagger and shield

  • Japanese katana, and wakisashi, staffs ( hanbo, jo, bo),

  • knife,

  • gun jutsu ( hand to hand against gun)

  • Thai martial arts 

  • Gun handling and movement (with rifs)


Among the courses we have provided for actors, acting schools etc, we have also done sessions for directors/dop's that may have a wonderful background in stunning cinematography, but have never shot action scenes before and would like guidance and training to get the best out of their action in front of camera, as well as understand the safety and training aspects needed surrounding the action, to know how valuable a good co-ordinator and team are when it comes to decisions that will keep everyone safe.   

Bring your artistic vision to life. Right from stunt breakdown, risk assessment, to training, choreography and implementing safe but powerful scenes to MAXIMISE YOUR ACTION ! 

We specifically aim our courses at screen based training, rather than stage, to incorporate understanding of all the things a stunt coordinator and the performers use to implement all your action, including:

Stunt safety,


Script action breakdown,


Risk assessments,


Action direction/ behind camera advice from action perspective,

Action casting help,

Stunt & fight team members,

everything from safety right up to the performance so that its safe, effective and works well on camera. 


Where are our courses?

Our training unit is in Banbury, Oxfordshire, junction 11 of M40 in our padded, well equipped training room

 2023 Courses- Now booking- email us for info or to reserve your place

Courses are regularly updated on our social media due to the possibility of change due to work

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